The importance of maintaining an ideal body weight.


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Thai Massage Therapy, although extremely effective in helping to increase flexibility, easing joint pain, managing distress and providing assisted exercise, is not a magical substitute for all elements of a healthy lifestyle. Even though many cases of obesity are heavily influenced genetically, some personal responsibility is also required for proper weight management.
Joint pain, lack of full movement, muscle loss, and cardiovascular disease are often the result of obesity and an extremely sedentary way of living. The body, by its very nature, made up largely of third class levers, demands much physical activity in order to keep it in shape. In this absence, it will fall into a state of ” unfit” and obesity, diabetes and mobility problems will ensue.

Losing weight isn’t easy, however there’s absolute confidence it’s well worth it. It sounds easy enough: To lose weight, you want to burn more calories than you eat. And to live at an ideal weight, you need to balance healthful consumption and bodily activity. Most fad diets and brief weight reduction schemes don’t work. The fact is that they don’t assist you in learning how to keep a healthful weight over the long haul.

Weight management gains go far beyond aesthetics. These are just a few of the health perks acquired.

Increased fertility
Excess body fat detrimentally affects every system of your body including reproductive fitness. Women who are obese are more likely to have abnormal periods and take longer, to become pregnant than girls who keep an ideal weight. The fact is, it’s predicted that at least 10% of infertility issues are due to extra weight.

Better sleep
Getting restorative sleep every night time is an essential part of staying healthy. Without excellent sleep you can’t perform at an optimal level. If you’re obese, the chances of being robbed of an awesome night time’s sleep is greatly increased.

Excess fat, mainly belly fat, prevents your lungs from expanding fully, stopping you from breathing deeply, which interrupts your sleep. Being overweight also raises the danger of obstructive sleep apnea, that is when you stop breathing more than one time while you’re asleep.

Reduces chronic disease risk
Lowering your probabilities of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic sicknesses is a prime motive to maintain a healthy weight. Too much body fat isn’t merely an unsightly nuisance, it throws your hormones out of balance, strains your systems , and starts a cascade of unhealthy physiological events that set the level for progressive chronic disease.

Better emotional fitness
There’s an organic basis to feeling satisfied and content. Your body produces chemical compounds that assist in buffering distress and stimulating happy feelings. The inflammatory chemical substances created from excess body fats not only interfere with endorphins and other feel good materials, they increase distress-related hormones.

It’s no surprise weight problems will increase the danger of depression. More than 40% of adults with melancholia are overweight. Slimming down is simply as crucial to your emotional health as it is to your physical fitness.

is simply as crucial to your emotional health as it is to your physical fitness.

Better sexual performance

Excess body fat not only interferes with fertility, it stifles your sexual desire. Being obese diminishes your sex drive. A healthy libido depends on various factors, including well-balanced hormonal patterns. When your hormones are off-kilter, your sex drive can take a nosedive.

Even when you want to have sex, being overweight or obese can negatively impact on your ability to perform. In men, obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that interferes with your ability to develop and sustain an erection.

Improved mobility and protection against age related diseases.

Your body requires regular and brisk movement. Moving muscles pump nutrients and oxygen all over your body. this keeps your hormones balanced and your heart strong. Unhealthy weight gain deters movement, puts you out of shape, strains your joints and contributes to greater weight gain. This excess body fat increases inflammation and cellular damage. In more senior individuals, this expands the risk for diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cognitive impairment and dementia.

Future articles will discuss the most effective methods to lose the excess fat . Health and fitness should be the main goal and not just indiscriminate weight loss . Discussions will also be introduced that aim at dispelling myths about fat loss and fad diets.

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