In keeping with the weight management idea and how it can help to protect joints and muscles, together with effective massage sessions, we must touch on the myriads of schemes out there designed to deliver nothing in the way of fat loss but only a thinning of your bank account.
You turn on the TV and you are bombarded with a million products that promise you the body you always wanted. the shape that you crave and that sexy figure that allows you to fit into the clothes that make you look like a superstar. The promoters swear that the dream will be yours for their unbelievably low price, and best of all you don’t have to exercise or consider proper nutrition. They say, take this pill, no sweat, and presto, “Rock hard this and toned that”. if it sounds too good to be true ,then most likely it is. After, sickening side effects from pills, fads and disappointment from silly promises about soaps that rub fat away, you throw your arms up in despair and give up.

There are many, who just to make a quick dollar, would sell their mothers over the media. They will say anything to promote some worthless item, disguising itself as a health product. These only bring about the financial and physical ruin of many desperate and vulnerable people. The following are a few things to look for to discover honest from dishonest.

Spot False Promises

Unscrupulous advertisers will say anything to get you to purchase their useless and most times dangerous weight loss products. Here are some of the false promises you’ll often see in weight loss ads:

  • Lose weight without dietary modification or exercising.
  • If you use this product, you’ll lose weight permanently.
  • To lose weight, all you have to do is take this pill.
  • You can lose 30 pounds in 30 days.
  • This product works for everyone.
  • Lose weight with this patch or cream.

The truth is:

  • Any promise of miraculous weight loss is untrue.
  • There’s no magic way to lose weight without a sensible diet and regular exercise.
  • No product will let you eat all the food you want and still lose weight.
  • Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes, so don’t trust any product that promises once-and-for-all results.
  • FDA-approved fat-absorption blockers or appetite suppressants won’t result in weight loss on their own. Those products need to be taken with a low-calorie, low-fat diet and regular exercise.
  • Products promising lightning-fast weight loss are always a scam. Worse, they can ruin your health.
  • Even if a product could help some people lose weight in some situations, there’s no one-size-fits-all product guaranteed to work for everyone. Everyone’s habits and health concerns are unique.
  • Nothing you can wear or apply to your skin will cause you to lose weight.

Recognize Fake Stories Online

Scammers place false stories online through fake news websites, blogs, banner ads, and social media to sell their weight loss products. For example, they create so-called “news” reports about how an ingredient — like garcinia cambogia or gonji — found in a diet pill is supposedly effective for weight loss. But there’s no new discovery. The stories are false.

Be wary :

  • Scammers often use the stolen logos of real news organizations, or they use names and web addresses that look like those of well-known news websites. They may even add public photos of reporters to make you think the report is real.
  • Scammers write glowing online reviews themselves or pay others to do it, or they just cut and paste positive comments from other fake sites.
  • Scammers use images showing dramatic weight loss, but these images are just stock or altered photographs, not photos of people who actually used the product they want you to buy. Their business is money, not your health and well-being.

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