We don’t have to eat less food to cut calories and lose fat. We must modify. Consider this, one glass of whole milk 8oz will have about 160 calories. The same amount of skimmed milk will contain about 90. Same weight less calories. 6oz red meat can have 600 calories, the same 6oz of lean cut meat will have about 360. Simple changes can cut Calories (kcal) tremendously. Heavy butter and cream can turn a 60 calorie salad dish into a 250 calorie plate. Canned foods packed in oil can be replaced with ones in water.

Canned fruits packed in heavy syrup can be replaced with the ones in natural juice. Certain manufacturers can’t care less about your health. Profit is the bottom line. Even scientists and nutritionists may be on the payroll, so do your own research. Some fabricators damage natural foods and sell them to us. Hydrogenation as we learnt about earlier is one example.

Heavy butter and cream can turn a 60 calorie salad dish into a 250 calorie plate.

Another game that food processors play is removing the bran and germ from flour when milling. The bran contains the fiber and the germ has the vitamins. They may then add back 2 or 3 vitamins and call it enriched bread. The bread is deficient and costs the producer less to make. Some even bleach flour to make it more white. The chlorine dioxide used, causes a by product called alloxan which is linked to type 2 diabetes. This type of flour is banned in Europe. Make sure yours is unbleached.

This piece from NOURISH by WebMD written by Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, titled: How to Lose Weight While Eating More Food, gives an idea on food modification and useful eating options . The link is: https://www.webmd.com/diet/features/how-to-lose-eight-while-eating-more-food

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