One may think that a diet of fat will work well because of its high concentration of calories. As we have seen, the body does not use fat as a fuel the same way as it does carbohydrates. Using fat in the diet as a major fuel causes a byproduct called Ketones to build up in the blood. Fat is an inferior fuel and is only partially broken down and the Ketones cause drowsiness, weakness, an acidic blood level and an extreme drop in energy.

This low carb “fad” diet epidemic, touted as a panacea for your fat loss problems is a big fat lie. They say, “Eat fat to lose fat”. “Carbs are the Devil”. Don’t be seduced by this nonsense. Complex carbohydrates are your friends. You gain weight by eating in a caloric surplus. They say “look ,20 lbs. loss from The Keto diet in a month”. The truth is that carbohydrates are a hydrophilic macronutrient. They hold water and play a part in hydration. The weight loss will be water. When the person eats normally again, the weight is back.

Complex carbohydrates are your friends.

High fat/Low carb diets will result in muscle loss. The body will feed on itself, This negatively impacts on the metabolism and fat burning potential. So the loss is water and muscle. Now the ‘Set Point” has changed. The basal metabolic rate has lowered. Less calories are burned. The body survives on low inputs. Now it is easy to eat past the metabolic baseline when normal eating begins because this unhealthy diet can’t go on for long. The result – Person is sick, fatter than before, minus essential calorie burning muscle.

This interesting feature published by The Outline and written by Yvette d’Entremont titled: THE KETO DIET IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER, and published on September 5th 2018, exposes the nonsense in a scientific manner. The link is:

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