Ravi Ramkissoon

Ravi C. Ramkissoon is a veteran Fitness instructor, professional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and a trained Psychiatric Nurse. His main focus, for over twenty years surrounds Primary Health Care and Holistic Wellbeing. This includes a great deal more than just drilling at the gym. Psychological balance, nutrition for optimal performance, proper execution of aerobic and anaerobic principles as well as selective recreational and relaxation practices, all constitute the core of his coaching. Ravi's philosophy, holds client's individuality, as the cornerstone of his training techniques. He understands that everyone's needs, goals, capabilities and experiences are different. This particular talent manifests itself in the success he has had with multiple clients from all different walks of life. In 2003, his locally published book titled '' Destroy The Fat Forever'' sought to help those having difficulties with maintaining their ideal body weight, and also it was created to assist with dispelling the many dark myths engulfing fitness and nutrition. Some of Ravi' s certifications include, a Professional Degree in Psychiatric Nursing from the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago. Certificate in the Art and Science of Coaching from the University of the West Indies. Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition from Penn Foster College, (Pennsylvania). International Certification in Thai Yoga Massage treatment (Both Levels), from Lotus Palm, Montreal Canada. the largest Thai Massage School in North America. Ravi currently owns and operates a Thai Stretch Massage and Health Workshop in his hometown of St Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies in the Caribbean called "Stretch It Out Thai Yoga Massage Therapy". Here he uses his training and knowledge in health, fitness and body work therapy to be of service to his clients and he does his best to live by the ethos '' One step at a time".